Hi to all of you,


We hope that you had time to play outside during this wonderful fall we have!


The last 10 months have been extremely occupied at Endurance Aventure, and

we realized it two weeks ago, when reviewing our Website to see that the last

posted news regarded the Snowtrail organized in March! Indeed, since then, the

bags of the team have been done and undone many times with just enough time

to do a bit of laundry between two trips!


We had the chance to organize 3 international events and live great emotions thanks

to you, the athletes who put your trust in us… or just have been crazy enough

to take part in one of our adventure! 

(Gabriel Filipe coming out of the 3,8 km swim section of the Canada Man/Woman)


Thanks to hundreads of volunteers, outstanding partners and incredibly welcoming

regions, such as Carleton sur Mer, Parc de la Gaspésie, Ville de Lac Mégantic and the

MRC du Granit Municipalities and Chishui River Valley, Zuni, China, we had the chance

to witness exceptional sport performances realized by the athletes who participated in

our events in 2017.

(Milos Kostic, 76 years old, did finish the swimming section of the Canada Man/Woman

as well as the whole course up to the summit of Mount Megantic, and he already subscribed

to the 2018 edition!)


Here are some links for you in order to live again the emotions, the adventure and the

intensity of the Raid International China, of the Canada Man/Woman Extreme Triathlon

of Lac-Mégantic and of the Raid International Gaspésie, presented by Carleton-sur-Mer.

You can also live two more sportive events that took place in China and for which the TV

Production Team of Endurance Aventure produced TV and video images.


April 2017 : Raid International China Chishui River Valley, Zunyi (http://ric.51race.com/)

Summary Video: 


July 2017 : Extreme Triathlon Canada Man/Woman (www.caxtri.com)

Summary Video : https://www.facebook.com/CAXTRI/videos/476995155993847/

The CanadaMan / Woman in pictures: https://www.flickr.com/photos/152525426@N08/albums

Summary Video of the Canada Man/Woman Sprint: 



August 2017 : A member of the Endurance Aventure Team made the trip to China in order

to participate to the annual International Mountain Tourism and Outdoor Sports Conference (MTOS)

and receive the Certificate granted to Endurance Aventure as one of the Foundation Member of

the International Mountain Tourism Association (IMTA).


Septembre 2017 : Raid International Gaspésie (www.raidinternationalgaspesie.com)

Summary Video of the 3 days of race including the Desjardins Youth Prologue :

The RIG in pictures : https://www.flickr.com/photos/152525426@N08/albums


The TV-Video Production Team of Endurance Aventure in China! Our TV Production Team had

the chance to go in China for 3 times after the Raid International China in order to capture images

of as many sport events, among which the Ultra Trail Maxi Race China

and an international competition and word record of Slackline



Our team will be working, during the following months, on the completion of the production of two TV shows,

one about the Raid International Gaspésie 2017 and the other one about the CanadaMan / Woman 2017…

And also, in the meanwhile, working on the preparation of 2018 events and the development of new projects.


So we leave you with these images and videos, hoping to see you again on the starting line of one of our events

in order to make new reserves of strong emotions!







The Endurance Aventure Team



























Jean-Thomas Boily
Co-President Finance & Operations
Cross-country skiing Olympian


Daniel Poirier
International multi-sport athlete


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Bastien Michau
Project director/Speleologist
A team of 150 event organization and outdoor specialists
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