gaspesie international raid: we're back from A fabulous adventure!


A huge thanks to the 120 athletes coming from the Gaspesie, from Quebec, from Canada and from twelve other countries to have taken the start of the Gaspesie International Raid 2015.

Thanks to the 120 volunteers, to the field team, to the TV production team,  and to all the medias who took part in this adventure and who did a wonderful work, putting the event, the athletes and the Gaspesie on the map in Canada and all over the world.

Thanks to all our partners:

Développement économique Canada, la Caisse Desjardins, la Ville de Carleton-sur-Mer, Tourisme Québec, Tourisme Gaspésie, la Commission scolaire René-Lévesque, le Marché Viens, la MRC d’Avignon, Altitude, Almagrame, Zoll, Movimento, Vélo-Café and Cartier-Énergie.

Please visit the GIR Website to live the adventure again: www.raidinternationalgaspesie.com

To have a glimpse of the Raid, watch this 9 minutes summary video:


Here are the results: http://www.raidinternationalgaspesie.com/index.php/fr/res



To read articles and see wonderful pictures you can visit the Websites of the international reporters:

EndorphinMag (Europe francophone) (Photo-reporter : Béatrice Glinche)


TRIAMAX (Amérique du Sud) (Photo-reporter : Marcelo La Gattina)


AdventureMag (Amérique du Sud, Brésil) (Photo-reporter : Wladimir Togumi)


Do it now (Afrique du Sud) ( Photo-reporter: Antonio Abreu)



Advfeel (Espagne) (Photo-reporter : German Cuevas)


Sleepmonsters (UK) (Photo-reporter : Pyro)


Access to our photo albums:




The TV production team is now working hard to produce 2 26 minutes shows that will be broadcasted in Canada and many other countries. 

Keep enjoy this wonderful Fall, and more news coming soon!









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